With SCS Your Covered

At SCS we include on all vehicles that fall outside the manufactures warranty and guidelines our own *3-month 3000 mile warranty, our warranty is probable the best you will find! it is very similar to the standard manufactures warranty were it will cover you against most mechanical breakdowns it is reliant on the vehicle being regularly maintained with the usual exclusion of all serviceable items ie- brakes, tyres, exhaust, batteries, etc. Please contact for our full terms and conditions.

Available upgrades

  • 6-month / 6000 miles £500 per claim limit £295 + vat
  • 12-month / 12000 miles £1000 per claim limit £495 + vat

All upgrade costs can be built into your finance deal if required. We have a dedicated person that deals solely with warranty claims and will give you advice on making and sorting all claims out. Below are our guidelines for making a claim.

*3-month £500 per claim limit Included

Claim Procedure

  • Diagnose fault-Please return the vehicle at an agreed time to SCS or your own garage if more convenient to you (must be vat registered).
  • Get a quote-before we can determine a claim our warranty team will have to be provided with an estimate showing a breakdown of parts and labor and showing the current mileage from our workshop or your own garage.
  • Authorization-when provided with this information and any service invoices if due since in ownership they will determine valid claims and authorizing decisions will be made within 30 minutes.
  • Getting the work done-valid claims will be provided with an authorization code and instructed to get the work done.
  • Payout- If the work has been completed by SCS you simply pay any shortfall and collect your vehicle. Were the work has been done by you own garage please forward there invoice to us with the authorization code for reimbursement or direct payment.(this will be processed within 7-days

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